Sunday, 15 March 2015

An Almost Ride-Out

I planned all week to ride yesterday as I had been watching the weather closely. I had the use of a silver Honda CBF500 and I wanted to take her around on some back roads for a good feel.  

There was lovely sunshine in the morning, but around midday it started to cloud up. Looked to me like it threatened to rain. Perhaps the weather guys got it wrong again? Sigh. I put my gear on and included some waterproof bottoms for good measure. 

I mounted the silver lady, backed her out of the garage, and hit the road. Took me only to second gear to get to the first turning. I made a left, then a quick left again up along a long avenue with a mild incline. 

Very smooth to ride. Forgiving. But... I wasn't enjoying it. I pulled up to the side and sat for a while, thinking. 

I dunno if perhaps I had too much gear on. I just wasn't into it. The bike just didn't excite me enough to keep going. I'd done less than a mile. What now? Should I continue? 

I exhaled and did a mental check of how I was feeling. Nope. It's a no go. I don't want to ride when it doesn't feel good. It didn't feel unsafe, I just wasn't turned on by the ride. I didn't want to ride like that. Call me moody, and you may be right. 

I turned around and took her home. 

In hindsight, I think the ride failed to thrill me enough the way I feel about my upcoming Southern Ireland tour in a few weeks. Yeah, let's put it down to that. 

I guess sometimes it's best to get off the road when your mind is just not feeling it. 


  1. Oh no! That's a shame that you didn't get to ride her properly! Hopefully you can soon! I've only ridden a motorbike once and it thrilled me, even if I was on the back! Great post x

  2. This was very smart of you, Shazza. Sometimes it is better to turn around and start fresh another day. It happens to me occasionally, too. It's different when you feel like this on a big tour and have to get going, though... this is when you have to pay attention big time. I was once in that very same situation, and almost got wiped out.

  3. The Southern Ireland tour sounds really exciting, don't blame you for feeling a little underwhelmed.

  4. I agree with sonjaM you're better off being safe then sorry.. it'll be 'real' spring soon and you can go for a proper ride! I'm waiting for the daffodils then I can get my hiking gear out of the wardrobe.. gives me something else to blog about.