Monday, 6 October 2014

Which Scooter - Part 2

Gosh. There is just so much persuasion to purchase the Burgman 400. Here, for me, are a few reasons why:

Now the worldwide biking community camaraderie is pretty special, regardless of what two wheels you're on, but I'm hard pressed to find a match for any single scooter (well, maybe Vespa) which has as many clubs, groups, forums, ride-outs, tours, etc.


Just browsing around online, though, I've found so much Burgman stuff out there. I've joined a few Facebook groups and a couple of forums. A lot are based here in Europe, some in the USA, and there are lots in the Far East where Burgman is known as Skywave. Popular ones are and 

Whatever I buy, I will be customising because there is no scooter out there which has everything I'd like in the right place. However, the Burgman 400 comes the closest. The only thing I intend to add is my iPhone GPS.  It's good to know, however, that if I wanted to, and I might, there are some cool accessories out there to be had. Of interest to me are varied modifications to the seat. See pictures below of some, some of which are total make-overs. The last one is a video of an owner's modifications which, well, blew me away.

Burgman Backrests

Burgman Seat Modification

Burgman Trike conversion with seat modification

Burgman - pimped

Burgman - pimped

Burgman - pimped

Burgman - pimped

Burgman trike modification

Burgman with woodgrain panelling modification

Burgman - pimped.
The sound system on this modification may blow you away.

Again, I only have plans to add my iPhone GPS to the dash or handlebar somewhere, but wow, weren't these serious enthusiasts?  It's good news that the bike is enjoyed so much.

People seem to have a whole lot to say about the Suzuki Burgman and very little of it is bad news. One reviewer even determined that it is a motorcycle and not scooter after all. 

In deciding which scooter to purchase, I'm taking my time to review as much as possible. I am enjoying the process. 

I am going to get on a Vespa as they appear to be very popular and have much culture with followers worldwide. I do doubt that it will be shortlisted in my search as it does lack much of what I'm looking for ... but I owe it to myself to give it a go in my decision process. Hey, I might just like it. Will keep you posted. 


  1. Watch "Burgman 650 Pimp out Bike" on YouTube
    Burgman 650 Pimp out Bike:

  2. You will find that you need both, a Burgman and a Vespa, or maybe a Vespa and a Harley? The Burgman isn't as manoeuvrable as a small scooter in the city, however it is quite comfy long distance. They would be good choices, all of them.

  3. The 400 is also pretty much the top notch of the Burgman family. I've heard of people having issues with the 650 and as a former 400 owner...I can honestly say it's a great bike with virtually no "bad points."