Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sunday Ride Out

Met up with a few members of On The Run Scooter Club this morning and rode 40 minutes over to Ashridge. The Club is really for Vespa and Lambretta enthusiasts, and so I was pleased that they welcomed me for the ride. As much as I obsess about gadgets and accessories for my bike, these guys really doll up their machines.

Most sported authentic Lambretta and Vespa gear reviving the 1960's era. One rider and his pillion took me right back in time with their outfit and burgundy penny loafers. 

Before we even departed, all fourteen of us, the scooters attracted much attention from passersby. I was no different. I was so busy wandering around looking at the various models and taking photos, I hardly chatted with the group. I noted the preference for multiple rearview mirrors on the scooters. I have no idea why and didn't ask. On the contrary, one scooter had only one mirror, which I did ask about. "I only need one!" he said, smiling at me. I didn't challenge him. 

This was my first group ride of any kind, and you know what?  I liked it!  I stayed in the top front five and enjoyed the noisy popping of the two-stroke engines in front and behind. We turned heads everywhere: pedestrians and car drivers alike. People simply stopped to take a look at the curious row of scooters riding by. They took photos, some pointed and chatted, and others waved. At one traffic light when we were all bunched up close, the crew each blew their scooter horns. I've no idea why but blew mine, too. I forgot to ask. 

We drove straight through Berkhamsted into Ashridge Estate: 5,000 acres of ancient woodland and rolling downland. 

Again, we were the head-turners riding into the car park, stopping traffic and passersby. After setting the bikes down, we headed for the cafe beside the Visitor Centre for a bite and hot drink. Really nice camaraderie. 

We lingered for less than an hour and headed back on the road to the start point. On approach, we slowly split up, each heading their own way home. 

Will I ride with On The Run Scooter Club again? You betcha!!


  1. Looks like you a fantastic day Sharon, good for you - Go with your passion !!

  2. Thanks, Jennifer. It really is always great to get out and ride.

  3. Ah penny loafers. Why did I wear those hideous things. I love it when groups of scooters or bikes go past, the noise.

    1. Ah Julie. It's even nicer sitting in the middle of it all. They're a nice bunch!

  4. Fun confirmed, Sarah. It's like that every time I get on my bike. ;)

  5. This sounds like a lovely way to spend the day. I'm from the Isle of Wight and love seeing all the scooters over the Bank Holiday weekend.

  6. Funny how a group of scooters (even 2-strokes) urns heads and get smiled at while a group of "real" motorcycles get the evil eye. I certainly don't get all the lamps and mirrors but the scooters look might pretty.

  7. I got to admit I'm curious about all the mirrors too. Maybe something out of the old Who movie? I've been on a few group rides but the best one I've been on was with a group of smaller scooters. It was fun to "slow it down" and actually take in the surroundings for a change.

  8. Here's a response about the multiple mirrors and lamps from Alan Springall, a member of the club: "The old Who movie 'Quadrophenia' took it's look from the Mods of the 60's who were seperateing themselves from motorcycle riding 'rockers' by riding scooters which also didn't cover their very smart Italian clotes with oil. The lights and mirrors were a fashion statement and were certainly not accessories that you would see on a motorcycle. You may say why do you need them, you don't, much as you don't need 6 foot long forks, tassles round your saddle or no rear suspension on a Harley! It's to make your bike your own and certainly uses up industrial amounts of chrome polish."