Monday, 20 October 2014

Trip-Planning Is Fun, Too!

Our leaves are only just changing colours here in the UK. It's a really great time for cruising around the countryside and stopping occasionally to enjoy the scenery. It's my kind of journey: no particular destination ... just an easy-paced scenic landscape ride. 

In order not to get lost, I still like to plan this kind of trip on my GPS before heading out. I enjoy the planning and I always take a paper map with me, just in case. 

For GPS, I use CoPilot because of it's versatility on my iPhone. The thing is, I plan my trips googling around on my pc, because I want to be specific about where I stop, which roads I take, etc. and then, for the route to take me back home. Google Maps does this very well, but with it's voice guidance does not have points-of-interest and features like my CoPilot which I rely on; examples are, warning of speed cameras, warning me when I'm speeding, advance turn warnings, displaying the name of the road I'm on, and so much more. And while CoPilot is quite flexible with route planning, Google Maps on the pc is tops for mapping roads. 

This brought me to research how to import Google Maps saved preferences to a GPS app on one's mobile phone? I found much for Android, and only one solution for iPhone.  I'll share it here. 

The first thing to do is save your Google Map route after you have designed it. This may require you having a Google account. You then use RouteConverter, a free downloadable program, to change the file format to your GPS file format. For CoPilot, this is .trp. Save your file as a simple memorable name. Now, place the file created into your mobile phone's GPS folder. If you have an Android phone, this is not difficult from your desktop. iPhone users, however, are a little more challenged. 

For iPhone, you'll have to download the free software iMazing (formerly DiskAid). It is a file transfer program which allows you access to your iPhone apps' files. Use iMazing to save the file you created to your GPS folder on the iPhone. There may be other iPhone file transfer programs out there, but iMazing is the only free one I know of.

After transfer, open CoPilot, load your trip, and you're on your way with your very own customised route! I hope this helped someone out there. 

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  1. Thanks for that information. I'll have to check it out. You may also want to consider downloading CRADAR for your android smart phone. It stands for CRAsh Detection And Response. Basically it will send an emergency text with your GPS location to loved ones in case of accident. They can then contact the police with your exact location.