Sunday, 12 October 2014

Not Bad Afterall

I've just been updated that my BFF passed her CBT today! It is such awesome news. Firstly, that I've inspired her sufficiently to want to ride, and secondly, that she totally loved it!  So happy. Fun times ahead.  I've already started working on her about a Burgman 125 as she had planned to take over my Peugeot 125 when I upgrade. She's so up for the Burgman! We are going to be a pair of Burgman adventure tourers. How cool is that?

Anyway, you know what? It didn't thunderstorm as predicted after all. I so could've ridden the 125 here. The night view is pretty nice too, and I would've preferred cruising around rather than strolling along the boardwalk. 

But regardless, it's a nice bustling port. Turns out one can catch a ferry to Spain, France, or Ireland from here. And, they'll take your vehicle on board. I will be back for sure for some of that. Already planning a Spain dash with the BFF. 

The plan: we'll ride down slowly here and overnight at a nice hotel. Then, hit the ferry the next day for the overnight cruise to Bilbao. Then, we'll ride slowly from Bilbao to Santander taking in the sights, and then catch the ferry back to the UK for the ride home. Sounds like around a week or five-day trip. Definitely for the spring next year. 

Anyway, I'm writing this at dinner (minutes to midnight), so I'm off to start my mango sorbet dessert which has just arrived. I'll post some pics below for you. 

Chat again soon. 


  1. There's the scooter spirit, engaging friends in riding, fiddling with ideas of traveling and posting food porn after all. You are on the right track, my dear.

    1. Cheers, SonjaM. I'm inspired by all you seasoned adventurers, and I'm so totally in. Today I watched the Why We Ride documentary (iTunes rental) and now I really must get my leg over a Harley. I'm on the hunt.