Friday, 10 October 2014

Doing It Again

I should probably rename this entry because it appears that the weather forecast for tomorrow may not permit me to ride the 125 to my planned coastal trip: 80% chance of rain with thunderstorm and lightening. There's also predictions for areas of patchy fog. 

Not bothered about the rain much as I'm prepared for it. Got my all-weather gear and I just take local & back roads when I get caught in it. I've never set off in rain but I've been caught in it. Cold and rain? I'm also down with that. Cold, rain, and thunder storming? Probably not. 

And so, looks like I'll be taking the train then. Sigh. 

The bright side is it'll give me a good time to catch up on some bike touring research I've been wanting to do. I just heard of a fantastic tour across the USA next summer where all flights and hotels are paid for. They even ship your own bike over. I so want to do it but not next year. Next year I want to do the UK so I'm hoping to find a tour company who will organise my round-the-UK trip to include Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and England. I'm sure I'll find something. Tips welcome. 

Yesterday I watched the Road documentary on BBC iPlayer about the Northern Ireland Dunlop motorcycle racing family. Wow! What a story line. I so admire their passion to do just what they love ... to the death.  I've heard of another documentary called Why We Ride which I hope to download from iTunes and watch on the train.

So that's it, folks. Nothing to report except an aborted road trip: it's gonna be a train trip getaway. 

Oh ... my iPhone 6 plus arrives today - planned in time for the trip. Was hoping to make use of the bigger screen for the GPS. Looks like I'll just be watching documentaries for now. 

Until next time. 

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  1. Hi! I've been meaning to comment sooner on you blog and have added it to my links page. I've still not watched "Why we ride" yet but it's on the to do list. Keep on riding and blogging.