Thursday, 16 October 2014

Which Scooter - Part 3

As I continued to compare my maxi-scooter choices for my upgrade next Spring, I stumbled, a few days ago, on this super scooter I hadn't previously seen: the Aprilia SRV850.  

From my YouTube and Google research, the machine looks really fast. It appears to be the fastest performing by scooter available with a whopping 839cc and 76bhp. Looks great if you're after speed and a sporty motorcycle crossover look. The Aprilia is, after-all, being marketed as a sports scooter. See performance comparison chart I got from a scooter forum below:

A number of things keep the Aprilia from my shortlist. One, there is no real step-through area to get on the machine. The engine configuration requires the space to be compromised so high up that the only practical way to get on the scooter would be throwing one's leg over the back like a motorcycle. Two, the storage space is even smaller than my 125 scooter. Not acceptable for my upgrade needs. Three, the seat appears to be too high. I haven't been on one, but the measurements given is higher than my current 125, on which I'm only just able to keep both feet on the ground when seated and stopped. Four, the windshield is too low to be useful, especially as speed increases on the motorway or similar. Five, the reviewers out there warn of high maintenance and pricey parts. And six, the sheer weight and size of the machine renders it impractical for moving around local streets and parking comfortably for me. Not good. 

So yeah, back to obsessing with the Suzuki Burgman


  1. If I'm not mistaken they are not being carried in the American or Canadian market. Which is a shame for I really do think it could be sold as a fully automatic motorcycle to the larger markets.

  2. I think they'd do well there too, Robert. Sometimes I think the scooter industry is out of touch with the current market. Almost like they're manufacturing on old marketing data. I'd love to see a 1000cc+ Burgman with GPS and other features etc, which could seriously dent Honda Goldwingers. I've heard others say the same thing.

  3. There is no need to have a 1000cc+ scooter, or even 500cc, really. We have traveled Southern Europe (France, Switzerland, Austria, Italia, Slovakia) on 250 and 300cc, and though it involved lots of mountain climbing the Vespas did just fine.
    My Hubby's Burgman 400 traveled through Washington and Oregon and he didn't have any issue to keep up with the "big guys".

  4. Good to know the Burgman 400 keeps up well... although some want more power and go for the 650. Aprilia's market seem to ask for over 800cc. Nevertheless, the Burgman 400 continues to get rave reviews as an excellent all-rounder.