Sunday, 19 July 2015

Night Rider

So, finally got my new Honda NSS125. After over a year of deliberating on which bike, this is it. I'm very happy with it so far and do not see myself upgrading to a bigger engine. I get nearly 120 mpg and it has enough horsepower for highways. Comfortable enough for touring long distances and light enough for quick trips around town. Who can ask for more?

Last night I did my first night ride on it. It's the kind of unit you ride just for the pleasure of riding. I find myself trying to think of places to go just for the ride. Destination not important... just the ride. 

I've mapped out a few places long distance but my life is so preoccupied with other things I like (architecture, construction, bass guitar, and sailing) that I have to slot bike touring in for two to three days at a time maximum. Ideally, I'd like to do a whole week or two. I thought I'd catch this summer but it looks unlikely now. We'll see.

The ride last night was lovely. I set out to ride up to a certain round-a-bout and circle home but some friends had invited me clubbing. I didn't feel like going but I dressed ready to go in case I felt like riding that far. Well, I sure did. I ended up with a longer ride, great destination, fun friends, and great ride home, too.  The roads were mostly empty, and I was so pleased. 

Oh, the crisp fresh air at night... loved it! I think I'll do that regularly. 


  1. Oh my - you are going to be having fun with your scooter.

  2. Your scooter sounds like great fun to go around on. Easy to get around town on too x

    1. Took a while to finally decide but I'm really happy with it, Hannah

  3. How liberating it must be to get on your bike and experience that crisp air rushing past you. Sounds like you had an awesome night. Good for you and cheers for new adventures!

  4. I absolutely agree with your statement that the destination is not important; sometimes it's just the ride in and of itelf that makes a huge difference. Congratulations on your purchase! I bet you'll be on the highway all summer with this baby!

  5. Omg how fun!! Enjoy that scooter!!