Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Steal Away

I stole away from the studio this morning and rode 40 minutes to a Suzuki dealer in another town just so I could sit on that Suzuki Burgman 400 they have on display... and also just for the heck of the ride. What a great decision! 

I live in the suburbs and the dealer's location took me through the countryside... deliberately. It was mostly narrow winding roads with overhanging trees like a natural tunnel or wide open pastures with rolling hillsides beyond. 

I tuned Spotify to shuffle a Biker Playlist called Motorcycle Riders/ Bikers Playlist, and the first song up in my helmet was Bad To The Bone. Let me tell you, I felt like I should've been on a Harley! If you saw the grin on my face... I was in heaven. I revved up the 125 and cruised on. 

Yeah, babee!


  1. Scooters and Harleys have a lot in common (even if Harley riders would never admit it). It is a relaxed riding position, and there is never a rush getting anywhere. Hence, that's why I have both ;-)

    1. Hmmm. Definitely something to think about, SonjaM. I am so taking my time deciding on the upgrade bike that I won't purchase until Spring next year ... which is around the time the UK brings in the 2015 versions anyway. Harley is not out of the question, but I do need to test ride one. They look very comfortable and of course, have much rave reviews out there. Thanks for the tip!