Thursday, 27 November 2014

All Year Riding

This abysmal weather here has me really re-thinking some things. I want to ride all year. All year. Period. 

I've been looking at perhaps getting a road-legal ATV quad bike which I would use during times of heavy rain, snow, or ice. It would double up with my Burgman to give an all year round ride experience. There are so many wet days here in the UK and further, quite a bit of cobbled and non-Tarmac roads in the city centres. I think it's the same for most of Europe. 

Recently I came upon an article about the Piaggio MP3.  I've been looking into it much. It's a three-wheeled scooter, and it has really rave reviews out there. It also has generous storage, comfortable seating, and apparently compares to the Burgman... although not as fast with acceleration. So I'm thinking if I get one, I won't need to have two units to get my year round riding going on. This machine promises to deliver whatever the weather or terrain. 

Well, with that, it's now a serious contender to bump my Burgman dreams off the rails. I am going to have a look at one very soon. Hey, they even come in white. 

Stay tuned. 


  1. You may want to look into a Ural motorcycle as well. They have a 2-wheel drive system that pretty much makes it a "go anywhere, do anything" type bike.

    1. The Ural not looking too good for supplies and ratings here, Robert. It looks great for the big roads and highways in the USA. It's not having much luck in the UK. Interesting articles on it, though. Thanks.