Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Strolled into a local Piaggio dealer on Saturday to get a first hand look at the MP3 500ie. They had two in the showroom: a black one and a blue one.  My first thought on seeing it was, "This thing is huge!"

I decided to view the black one as it looked very menacing. The showroom wall to the front of the bike was all mirrored from floor to ceiling, so you could see yourself clearly on the machine.  I kinda fell in love, and I didn't like that. By that I mean, the MP3 felt like someone who tries to steal your heart knowing you are committed to someone else. 

It compared with the Burgman very very well for me. Lots of storage, ease of getting on, digital display, large with road presence, and ample cockpit switches for flexibility. The one drawback I had with the Burgman 400 was how low the seat was, which is why recently I had resigned to getting the higher seat 650 instead. The MP3 500's seat felt just right in height. Plus, the two wheels up front meant I do not have to stop riding at any time during the year. This gives me a good reason to buy one right away rather than wait for the Spring like I was with the Burgman. It'll also do off road tracks easily, and has enough horse-power to climb hills without lapsing. 

Two wheels at the front also means I don't have to put my foot down at traffic light stops. It also means I don't have to find a chair (nor take a folding chair with me) on long trips when I stop to take view in and have a snack. Me likey much!

Gotta tell ya, the MP3 felt strong, solid, heavy, and ultra stable. Corners take some adjusting to because the unit really wants to remain upright, but when you lean into it with handlebar turns, the road grip is awesome! You really feel the three wheeled secure difference to a two wheeled bike. 

So, the two challenges the MP3 presented for me are, firstly, the 500 does not come in white. How am I going to ensure road visibility? I decided to have a black one partly sprayed with hi visibility green. I even did a PhotoShop preview to see what it might look like. I've shared it here. 

Secondly, how will I say goodbye to the Suzuki Burgman whom I have been in love with since my college days? This is still my dilemma. No solution to that one just yet. Sigh. Heartbreaking. 


  1. I have seen a few of these around London and have never been able to work out what they are or what they are called, so this has been a fascinating read for me x

  2. ive never seen these before! hope you can come to a conclusion

  3. ive never seen one of these before either, and it looks fab. I like your idea of painting high vis paint on it, nothing beats being seen and staying alive :-) Enjoy your new toy!

  4. I would suggest that you don't buy one of those just yet, and get into real scootering first. Don't get me wrong, the MP3 is a good vehicle, but you are way too young for this ;-)

  5. I've seen these throughout London and they've always looked really fun x